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Alluring India Tours launches measures for the safety of its travelers

Alluring India includes these precautionary measures in all their itineraries keeping in mid traveler’s health and safety

Alluring India Tour, a specialist in organizing private and luxury Tours to India and its subcontinent announces several preventive measures for the better health and safety of their guests. Alluring India tour provides each guest with a basic utility kit on arrival. The guests are assisted by a tour guide, and an officer from Alluring India’s local office, and an experienced chauffeur at all time during the course of the tour. The company believed that staying healthy while traveling is key for travelers. Hence, travelers are advised to take precautions and maintain their health while they travel. They are told to eat healthily, take their vitamins, carry essential oils and hand sanitizer, travel with snacks and always keep themselves hydrated by drinking sufficient water.

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Mentioned below are some of the steps taken by Alluring India Tour to prevent illness among travelers:

1. Ready availability of bottled water

– Travelers are provided sufficient stock of bottled mineral water in the vehicle so that the guests have access to mineral water to ensure that they are hydrated at all times.

– Hotels provide bottled water on a daily basis to its guests

– Guests are advised to not drink water from any outside sources to avoid any mishaps

2. Use of HEPA filter masks

– HEPA respirators or high-efficiency particle absorbing masks are the respirators commonly used for respiratory protection and to protect them from protection against high levels of air pollution.

– The mask seals tightly around the face and provides HEPA filtration to block out dust, mold, and pollen and helps the wearer to breathe clean air.

– Alluring India provides its guests with a utility kit while they arrive and the kit includes HEPA masks for each traveler.

3. Availability of anti-viral patches

– Anti-viral patches are made of natural herbal ingredients like clove, lavender, basil, camphor, lemongrass, etc. 

– The patch does not contain any deet and any toxic substances making it safer and approved by doctors and physicians

– Anti-viral patches are good to use for up to 12 hours.

– Travelers are given viral patches in their utility kits to protect them from unwanted infections.

4. Provision of hand sanitizer and pocket tissue

– The utility kit includes a pocket sanitizer and pocket tissues that the traveler can use whenever they require it.

– Additionally, the vehicle has a supply of tissues and hand sanitizer for the traveler.

– Using hand sanitizers will help protect travelers from unwanted infections

5. Insect band included in the Kit

– Insect bands repel pesky bugs, flies and mosquitos that are major causes of infection in India.

– These bands are deet free and are usually effective for up to 3-4 days.

6. Herbal Sprayis included in the utility kit

– The traveler’s utility kit includes herbal bug spray that is useful to keep bugs at bay.

7. Provision of mint

– The kit also includes sugar-free mints for the traveler

8. First-Aid Kit in every vehicle

– The vehicle provided by Alluring India has a first aid kit with emergency medication for the traveler.

9. Sickness bags in each utility kit

– Utility kits include sickness bags in case of motion sickness or any other issue.

10. Access to medical care

– Hotels have in-house doctors and hospitals nearby for the assistance of travelers.

– Travel experts will keep monitoring the traveler’s comfort and health throughout the tour. 

In addition to these, travelers are advised to avoid eating street food. The guides, representative and chauffeurs are briefed especially to take the guests to renowned hotels only. Visitors to India also need to focus on skincare, it is advised to carry sunscreen or a good moisturizing lotion to keep the skin safe from harm. Travelers are advised to get themselves vaccinated to prevent illnesses. Also, it is important to take all-inclusive travel insurance as it is always better to be safe than sorry!!

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