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Cape Cod Last Minute Vacation Homes Rentals

What a life can be with beautiful memories of spending a vacation amidst miles and miles of beaches, seashores, gardens, vineyards, and nature trails, indulging in thrilling activities and awakening taste buds with lip-smacking cuisines! Cape Cod is a tourist destination that will enable you to store a lifetime of memories when you set foot on it. It has a pleasant environment with a mild fall season and evergreen natural vegetation. For your comfortable accommodations, you will find Cape Cod vacation homes, furnished with all the modern facilities and amenities, in different sizes and for all budgets.

Natural Jewels to Visit

Cape Cod is one of the best tourist destinations in the US in terms of its natural attractions. Those that should capture your attention include the following:

Cape Cod National Seashore: With a stretch of 40 miles, it is a completely wild region with exotic beaches, woodlands and hiking trails which remains abuzz with the chirping of birds. It is a completely unspoiled natural attraction that has remained changed since Henry David Thoreau planted his feet on it. The Atlantic White Cedar Swamp is one of the best attractions located here that you should explore. The activities available on this seashore are snorkeling, canoeing, hiking and visiting many historical places of this park.

Martha’s Vineyard: Lying at a distance of five miles from Cape Cod, this vineyard is a wonderful attraction. You can easily access it by passenger ferries or your car from New Bedford or Woods Hole. It is a magnificent destination with six towns, each of which has its natural characteristics and ambiance.  It has a laid-back atmosphere with many attractions, such as trendy boutiques, art galleries, and antiques. You can visit them to please your mood. Strolling is the most enjoyable activity available here for rejuvenation.

Dennis: This is a marvelous region in Cape Cod with a dozen beaches. West Dennis Beach is the most popular one, located on Davis Beach Road, with a long beach and shoreline. For the convenience of tourists, it has a large parking area, where 100 cars can be parked. So, you can easily access it to have the time of your life. It is also a kid-friendly destination with a children’s playground. The activities available here for tourists are kite flying, windsurfing, and collection of shells.

Orleans: The best thing about this natural jewel is that it has to offer something for tourists, no matter how old they are. It has beaches that face both Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Both sunrises and sunsets are amazing sights here. The Meeting House and Museum are some of the best attractions in this natural paradise. It exhibits historic paintings, photographs, toys, and clothing. So, in addition to cooling your jets, you will be able to enrich your knowledge about its ancient culture and civilization.

Cape Cod Rail Trail: Extending from South Dennis to Wellfleet, this trail is 25 miles long and passes through various towns—Yarmouth, Harwich, Dennis, Orleans, Brewster, Eastham, and Wellfleet. It enables tourists to glimpse a large variety of natural landscapes.  For the relaxation and refreshment of tourists, it has places, where food and water are available. Bike rentals are also available for them to enjoy cycling. It is a very old natural path that has undergone many changes over time.

Activities to Indulge in 

Cape Cod is popular for many thrilling activities. Those that are commonly practiced at appropriate places are mentioned below:

Hiking: It is one of the most exciting activities available in Cape Cod. Nickerson State Park located in Brewster is the most appropriate place to enjoy it.

Jet-Skiing: It could pose a challenge to you if you have not indulged in it before. Moreover, it is also a bit riskier. Experts are available to assist untrained visitors. You can hire a jet ski from any jet rentals to enjoy it.

Parasailing: It is an amazing water sports activity that anyone can indulge in regardless of his or her age. With this activity, you will be able to enjoy different flight heights.

Whale Watching: It is also a very exciting activity in Cape Cod. Provincetown is the best place to enjoy it. Numerous tourists eagerly wait at this place to witness this phenomenon.

Fishing: It is a common activity practiced by most locals in Cape Cod. The best places for it are the Cape Cod Canal, many coastal bays and freshwater ponds.

Salivation Inducing Cuisines 

Cape Cod is famous for many salivation inducing cuisines. The most popular cuisines are Bacon and Scallop Pizza, Lobster Roll, Apple Bear Claw, Nobska Light, Barbone Meatballs and Almond Croissant. The top-rated restaurants that you can visit to relish various Ă  la carte items are Captain Linnell House, Cuvee at Chatham Inn, Vers and Ceraldi.

Start your preparation to store a lasting memory of a vacation in Cape Cod. Indeed, it is a natural paradise with charming attractions and exciting activities. Regarding your accommodations, book one of the Cape Cod vacation rentals per your preference and budget.

Author Bio: I, Harry Jones, am one of the most famous travel blog writers. Recently, I went to Cape Cod to enjoy a vacation. Indeed, it was a fabulous destination with beaches, islands, and many other attractions. For my comfortable stay, I booked one of the Cape Cod las minute vacation rentals. I would suggest that everyone visit it.


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