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Top 7 dive watches of 2020

An online shopping service provides you an opportunity to buy products directly from Japanese online stores & auctions. Companies help their customers with the ordering and shipping process so that they can receive their purchase on time. There are multiple companies dealing with the sale of goods like cosmetics, clothes, watches, travel goods, automobiles, food, etc. You can buy watches from online auction in Japan. Buyers also have an option to choose the delivery method for the suitable parameter of goods.

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Do you want a luxurious watch, but unable to get it nearby? 

There are companies that help you out to get your favorite branded watch at your doorstep. You can take part in an online auction in Japan by registering yourself on their site.  Then bid for the product & place your order. After shipping your order, choose the most convenient ways of payment like PayPal, credit or debit card, bank transfer. This is a very simple method to buy watches from online auctions in Japan. Yahoo! Auction and Rakuten are the search engines where you can participate in auctions.

Why to shop with online portals:

Shopping in Japan is focused on bringing Japanese products to customers all over the world. Here are the few reasons to choose Japanese products:

  • Products listed on sites are always in stock & will be shipped when order placed.
  • They offer a variety of products you won’t get anywhere else.
  • All the products are Japanese manufactured and are genuine.
  • We have an exclusive rare model of products you won’t find in other countries.
  • Provide proper address without errors for super fast delivery.
  • If customers combine their items with other purchases then companies send them together.

A luxurious watch is much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry.  And you can buy this piece of jewelry directly from a Japanese online store in Japan. An excellent product from a luxurious watch brand is a purchase you will make after careful thought. 

Are you looking for dive watches? Here is a list of diver’s watches from a wide range of prices and less known brands but worth checking out. 

Aegir Instruments: Todd Caldwell, a commercial diver, working in the gas industry and offshore oil. Aegir was his design which never meant to be a company but a project for him and his friends. The result was a more traditional dive watch with an elapsed timing bezel. CD-1 comes with three dial colors white, black and brushed grey. The diameter of the dial without a crown is 42mm. 

 Aquadive: All models of the brand come with ISOfrane rubber strap and 24 hour GMT ring. It has four different colors including orange, white, yellow and turquoise. It has a manageable watch dial of 43mm diameter and 15mm in height with a 22mm strap.

Germano & Walter: It has a revolving bezel ring that can be turned both ways and locked in any position. This model of G & W is highly magnetic and water-resistant. This German-made handcraft is now complete with a presentation case, screwdriver, and strap along with a 2-year warranty. Diameter: 61mm with crown and without crown it is 47mm. Available in two colors steel and Bronze. 

H2O/Helberg: It presents fully interchanged parts including the bezel, case back and crown guard. H2O is a 42.5mm dive watch with an automatic movement along with a 3000 depth rating. The stitching of the leather strap is very unique and the stock case back has a unique back design. It has 17 different dials. 

Pita: Diameter measures 43mm and 21mm thick.  Inside is the Pita-003 movement and the system allows time setting underwater. There is a number series of 80 pieces and can be fully customized according to your taste. Oceana is water-resistant to 5000 meters with no crown, no back cover and no weak points. 

Suissemecanica: launched in 2011 and all watches of this brand are water-resistant to 200 meters with an internal bezel. The length of the watch is 52mm and 43mm diameter with a crown with two rotating bezels outer with 60 minutes timing and inner with 12-hour bezel timing.  An automatic movement of bezel operates at 4Hz with a power reserve of 50 hours. 

Squale: Squale 2002 model is a water-resistant upto1000 meter dive watch that has a unidirectional bezel. Its movement is self-winding; diameter is 43mm and 14mm thick, rubber style strap along with a 2-year warranty.

Getting good value in the watch market is too difficult and while buying from an online store there is always a doubt that you will get the product on time or not. Don’t worry; many Companies are suppliers of a wide range of luxury watches all over the world. With having branded watches for men & women. Tanaka-san is the number one choice for online shopping today. The company is a team of watch experts who provide the highest quality watches all over the world with the help of their bilingual team.

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